Understand your customers where they are.

Machinalia helps e-commerce increase CLV and retention by collecting and analyzing customer experience and feedback.

Collect feedback from multiple channels

Connect, collect and analyze customer feedback and get actionable insights

Follow the entire customer journey
Understand the shopper experience throughout the whole journey: store browsing, checkout process, post-purchase. And how customers are talking about your store on social media.
Omnichannel feedback collection
Website widget, SMS, email, social media, and your customer support platform. Transform a multitude of channels in a single, organized view.
Quantitative and qualitative insights
Extract topics, sentiment, and intentions from your customer interactions. And transform your data into actionable insights to grow your CLV and increase retention.

Understand what makes your shopping experience unique, and what you need to improve

Collect feedback through a multitude of channels

Whether NPS, CSAT, or open question you are covered. Collect feedback directly on your website using our smart widget, through email or SMS. We integrate with Facebook, Instagram, and your customer service platform.

Collecting feedback example

Understand your customers like never before

Extract sentiment, topics, and intentions from your customer interactions. Get unique insights to fuel your e-commerce growth and improve the shopper experience.

Customer feedback analysis

A bird-eye view of your customers’ touchpoints

Collect and centralize your customer touchpoints and monitor your CX across different channels. Segment by topic, sentiment, or intention and push this data back to your CRM.

Machinalia dashboard

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